Steeplechase English Toffee

For years I made this secret family recipe toffee only at Christmas to send to friends and relatives. This caused a great deal of hoarding to go on and bitter fights broke out around the country. Finally, one exasperated friend said, "Listen, you've gotten us hooked on this stuff! Since you won't share the recipe, you're going to have to sell it to us!" So I did. Now you can have some too!

I still use only the freshest ingredients (or my aunt June would strike me down from heaven) and it is still a labor of love, done by hand, the old fashioned way.

It's a buttery, crunchy, mouth-watering dessert, and no one's ever had any better, I hear. So serve it up proudly after dinner with coffee. Or hide a little stash in the 'fridge for a sneaky treat on a rainy day like my mother does.

Thank you,
Barbara Joyce

The tradition continues:

As I take the reins (pun intended) of Steeplechase English Toffee you'll see many changes. Most notably in our online presence with a newer, fresher website complete with updated online ordering. However, some things never change. Our recipe is one of them.

We still, and always will, use the freshest ingredients for our candy.

Continuing to use the old method of small batches cooked in a copper kettle ensures the ideal mixture of ingredients giving us the most flavorful toffee you can buy. All carefully packaged by hand and shipped directly to you.

So, rest assured as we make some changes to better serve you we will never change what my mom has perfected (or I would be in serious trouble).

Thank you,
Zack Joyce



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